How to Get TB Test for UK Visa

If you are applying for a tb test for uk visa from Nigeria and plan to stay in the country for longer than six months, a TB test is necessary.

In order to assist you, I will go over how to apply for a TB Test for UK Visa in Nigeria, the approved test clinics, and the cost of the test in this article.

According to UK Immigration Rules, anybody applying for visas who are travelling to the UK for a period longer than six months and who are citizens of one of the Home Office-identified listed countries must have a TB test.

Regardless of your nationality, if you have previously resided in a place where a TB test is required before entering the UK, this requirement will apply to you.

An Australian citizen, for instance, would not need to take a test if they were applying for a UK visa from Australia because their country is not on the list.

However, if an Australian citizen had resided in one of the specified nations, such as China, they would have to pass a test.

Who needs a TB test for UK Visa?

How to Get TB Test for UK Visa

If you live in one of the nations on this list and intend to stay in the UK for more than six months, you will simply need to provide proof that you are TB-free.

  • You won’t have to have a TB test if
  • You have diplomatic status with the UK.
  • You haven’t left the country for more than two years and are a returning resident of the UK.
  • You spent at least six months in a nation where the UK does not require TB screening, and you have not spent longer than six months abroad.

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Where can I get a TB Test for UK Visa?

You must get tested at a TB testing facility that the Home Office has authorized. You will have to travel to a neighboring country to take the test if your nation does not have an authorized testing facility.

The Home Office will not recognize certificates for TB tests from unapproved clinics.

To schedule an appointment for a test, you must call the closest authorized center immediately. You should let the clinic know that you need a TB test in order to apply for a UK visa.

What happens at a TB test?

An x-ray of the chest is used in a TB test to look for disease symptoms. You could be asked to provide a sample of your sputum if the results of the x-ray are unclear.

You should bring the following items to the clinic when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Authentic identification with your picture on it, such a passport or national ID card
  • If you have ever had a lung condition, such as tuberculosis, please provide information about any previous screenings.
  • TB test costs. Fees are listed on the Home Office website under the country you are applying from and will vary depending on where you are applying from.
  • If your test results show that you do not have tuberculosis, you will be given a certificate that is valid for six months from the date of your x-ray. This certificate must be provided with your application for a UK visa.

Guidelines for requesting a TB test in Nigeria for a UK visa

Selecting a facility from the list of UK-approved clinics, booking an appointment, paying for the test, taking the test, and receiving your results are all steps in the application procedure for a tuberculosis test.

How to Make a Tuberculosis Test Appointment

Indicate that the test is for your UK visa application procedure when you get in touch with the clinic of your choosing.

You can schedule your tuberculosis test through email or on the website of the International Organization for Migration if you want to visit one of the Migration Health Assessment Centers.

You must: Choose your country of origin and destination; your selected screening center; and your preferred screening date.

To set an appointment, you’ll need to give a few more details, along with payment.

You can phone or write to set up an appointment and ask questions for The Consultants Practice and Q-Life Family Clinic. Don’t forget to mention that you want to take a tuberculosis test in order to apply for a UK visa.

How to pay for IOM Tuberculosis Test Fee

Use your international passport number as a reference when paying for your TB test. Pay solely to the clinic’s authorized bank account information.

The bank information for each clinic is listed previously (with the exception of Q-life Family Clinic, whose account information must be obtained directly from them).

Bring your international passport and evidence of payment (your transfer receipt or deposit slip) with you when you get your tuberculosis test.

Who is not required to undergo a TB test?

Not every Nigerian or Beninese applicant for a UK visa is required to submit to a TB test. The following groups of people are excluded from needing to submit a certificate of TB test results when applying:

  • bearers of diplomatic passports going to the UK on official business or as part of a posting
  • People who are exempt from visa requirements
  • individuals requesting a certificate of entitlement


How long is the certificate for the TB test good for?

After six months, the TB test certificate for the UK visa application expires. After receiving your TB test certificate, you have six months to apply for your visa. After that point, you must arrange and pay for another test.

When will my post-test TB test certificate be available for pickup?

The same day that you take your test, you can pick up your TB test certificate. Six hours after the test is completed, it is often ready for collection.

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