Think For Yourself scholarship 2023/2024

Let Grow’s Think for Yourself scholarship is for high school students and consists of an essay contest with a $8,000 college grant. Participate in this scholarship by reading this article and learning everything you need to know about Think For Yourself scholarship.

About Think for Yourself Scholarship

Think For Yourself scholarship

They have received over 25,000 entries since their inception in 2018 and have been granted $40,000 in college scholarships.

Every year, Let Grow challenges high school students to consider the value of free speech, curiosity, and open-mindedness in their daily lives.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a $5,000 scholarship, and the three Runners-Up each receive $1,000.

Think for Yourself Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  1. Open to lawful US residents aged 15 and up.
  2. Applicants must be current high school students.
  3. Must intend to attend college, university, or trade school by the fall of 2026.

Think For Yourself TV Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

The following conditions must be met in order to compete in this TV Scholarship competition:

  1. Citizenship criteria: The TV Scholarship takes citizenship into account. As a result, all articles must be written by citizens of the United States. Otherwise, no matter how good your writing skills are, you may not be picked for a Scholarship. All applicants must be US citizens or residents of the District of Columbia.
  2. Age requirements: The applicant must be at least 15 years old at the time of application.
  3. Academic requirements: All applicants must be actively enrolled in a recognized high school. They must be actively enrolled in the 10th grade (sophomore), 11th grade (junior), or 12th grade (senior) at their respective high school.

They may also be students who will enrol in a recognized post-secondary institution of higher learning before the fall of 2026 (2 or 4-year course at a university, college, vocational, or online study program).

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How Do I Apply For Think For Yourself Scholarship?

The application period for this scholarship began on January 1st, and it is completed by completing a completed Scholarship application form online at the sponsor’s website. To see the sponsor’s website, please click here.

Applicants must submit an application form that includes their name, academic information, background information, contact information, and a brief original, unpublished essay. The article must respond to one of the scholarship questions listed below:

  1. Have you ever had an experience that made you regret having access to social media? What have you learned from this experience?
  2. Some people believe that teenagers should be shielded from controversial speakers and publications. Do you agree with that idea? What is the basis for your viewpoint? If you agree, could you please tell us what you would like them to be exposed to?
  3. Have you ever had an important debate with a friend? Based on how you resolved yours, what are the things required to sustain a friendship?
  4. Write a statement made by someone or something done by someone that should have angered you but you chose not to, and explain why.
  5. Write on when you didn’t say anything or almost didn’t say anything because you were afraid your concept wouldn’t be recognized and thus rejected. What did the episode teach you, and will you ever allow such an occurrence to happen again?

Your essay must be written in English, using proper grammar and spelling. Your essay should not be longer than 500 words. Substitution of any revised pages or new drafts after the original application has been submitted is not authorized.

Think For Yourself Application Deadline Date

The application period for this year’s Think For Yourself TV scholarship will be open until April 30th. This means that no essays will be accepted after the above-mentioned deadline. After filling out the form with all of the required information, you can save your essay and submit it later.

Procedure for Choosing Winners

The sponsor is looking for applicants who will follow instructions, submit applications with creativity, and clearly address which of the questions he or she chose to write on.

On May 15th, a qualified and efficient team of judges will select four excellent applications as prospective winners after subjecting all applicants to the following scoring criteria;

  • 25% proficiency in writing
  • 25% of the time is spent on creativity.
  • Originality (25%)
  • Overall excellence is 25%.

In the event of a tie, the candidate with the highest overall excellence score will be declared the winner.

Applicants who won the contest will be notified via their registered email address when it is time to come in for signing and documentation, which will lead to their award claims.

Winners’ Advantage

Four great pieces will be chosen, and the prize money is as follows:

  • The applicant with the best essay will receive $5,000, while the other three submissions will each receive $1,000. The program’s winners will be contacted. The awards will not exceed the winner’s annual tuition.
  • The prize winner will make payment straight to a recognized tertiary institution of higher learning.

Other Important Considerations Regarding the Think For Yourself TV Scholarship

Unsupported content, such as pornographic, libellous, vulgar, and objectionable content, will not be considered for any prize. No applications will be returned because all applications become the property of the sponsor.

The sponsor will not respond to applications that are late, lost, incomprehensible, or misdirected. When you submit your application, you absolutely agree to the official rules and conclusions of the judges, as well as the ultimate outcome of the sponsor.

workers, agents of the sponsor, directors, officials, and workers of the same company, members of one immediate family (such as parents, spouses, children, and siblings), and those living in the same house cannot win more than one. They are treated as several application submissions.

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