Apply for Wise Emerging Leaders 2023 to Qatar and Italy.

We want to tell you that the Application for Wise Emerging Leaders 2023 summit has begun. If you are interested in boosting your leadership skill then this opportunity is for you. This is a life-changing two-countries opportunity. You are now free to apply for Wise Emerging leaders 2023 to Qatar and Italy. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to travel to Italy first and to Qatar by the end of this year.  The program is a fully funded program meaning that the organizers will cover all the expenses for a full trip. This is a fully funded Fellowship.

Wise Emerging Leaders

This program is made for young people or youth, educators, and leaders who are motivated in making positive changes in the educational sector.  Emerging leaders qualified to apply for the fully funded Fellowship.

Excellent Education is a fundamental right of every human and that is why many Institutions are doing marvelous work that will promote Quality education in their different communities.  So ideally if you have an idea that will enhance the Education sector, you are encouraged to apply for Fully Funded Wise Emerging leader 2023.

In this article, we will show you how to apply, the application deadline, and also the documents needed for the application.

Overview of the Wise Emerging Leaders in Qatar and Italy 

Host Countries: Italy and Qatar

Fellowship Duration: 9 Months 

Coverage: Fully Funded

Application deadline: Varies.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Young people from all over the world are qualified to apply for the Wise Emerging leaders. This is because the Fellowship is an international program.

WEL 2023 Focus theme

The main objective of this program is to organize a platform where young, dynamic, and motivated applicants can share knowledge, information, and topics that will address problems related to Education in our societies.

This program will also focus on sharing Vita’s ideas and information on a newly discovered approach that can be used in resolving any issue in the education sector.

Duration of Program of Wise Emerging Leaders 2023 to Qatar and Italy 

The program is meant to last for a total of 9 months, during which successful applicants will have to travel to Italy for a few weeks and then to Qatar for the rest of the program. The program also has an online section, this is when participants have concluded the Italy and Qatar training. They will now be accessed online to check the level of progress.

Eligible and Qualified Applicants will travel to Italy and Qatar.

Only qualified Applicants are eligible to make both the first and second trips. Here are the dates and arrangements for each trip.

Trip to Italy: 31at May to 10th June 2023

Trip to Qatar:  late November/December 

Financial Coverage of Wise Emerging leaders program 

Participating in the program has so many advantages and benefits. The Fellowship is fully funded. Meaning that you don’t need to pay anything to apply. All the expenses will be taken care of. Here are the benefits that you will get as a successful applicant.

  1. Free accommodation to all applicants 
  2. All the travel expenses from Italy to Qatar will be covered by the organization hosting the program.
  3. Free meal 
  4. In-country Transportation expenses are covered.
  5. All the materials for the workshop are provided for free.
  6. Successful applicants will travel to Italy and Qatar for in-person sessions.

Eligibility Criteria for Wise Emerging leaders 2023 summit

To be eligible for the Wise Emerging leaders 2023 summit you must make sure you pass all the criteria that are listed here.  Failure to do that will lead to disqualification. So before starting your application ensure you have checked all the criteria to be sure you are eligible. Here are the eligibility criteria for the fully funded Fellowship.

  • Every citizen of a legally recognized Country in the world is eligible to apply.
  • Prospective participants must be up to 25 -33 years old. 
  • Prospective participants must speak and understand the English language.
  • Must have a good and strong academic background.
  • Must have a valid Qatar and Italy passport.

Successful Applicants Interview Date

The stipulated date for successful candidates’ interviews is from 19 to 30th March 2023.

Application Deadline for Wise Emerging leaders Fellowship

The application deadline for the Wise Emerging leaders 2023 is the 10th of March 2023. 

The application process for the Wise Emerging leaders 2023 program.

The application process for this program is stated below, it is a step-by-step guide on how to apply online for WEL 2023.

  • All applications are submitted through an online portal.
  • Ensure to fill in all the required academic and personal details.
  • Answer all the questions correctly during the registration.
  • Make sure that you submitted all your applications before the deadline.
  • Wait for notification of the final results in April.

Wise Emerging leaders 2023 program Application Link

If you are interested in applying for this Fully Funded Fellowship. Use the link below.



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